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Recommended Novel for JAMB 2019 Exam is Sweet Sixteen- Read summary here

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We care about all our readers, especially the young ones trying to secure admission into higher institution. The 2019 JAMB approved novel is out and the title of the book is SWEET SIXTEEN by Bolaji Abdullahi. We intend to make your JAMB Exam a success, hence we are presenting to you a summary of the novel. Ensure you read up the novel as some questions will be set from it.

Now that you already know the title of the approved text, you may be wondering if it would be easy to study the book and how long it would take you to do so, we will guide you to the best of our abilities. Recall that last JAMB (2018) exam recommended novel was Independence.

Please note that it is compulsory that all candidates of JAMB read the recommended novel as made known by the JAMB UTME Board.

If you want to get the book before time you can get it at recommended bookstores nationwide and approved JAMB computer-based centres. However, you can wait till when you Register for the 2019 JAMB UTME Exam to get the novel as it is part of t shall get the payment you will make.

The book contains about 150 pages and should take you about 3 days to 1 week to read it completely.


In Bolaji Abdullahi’s Sweet Sixteen, the protagonist, 16 year old Aliya, whom her father refers to adoringly as ‘My First Lady,’ bombards her father with questions, some of which threw her journalist father off balance.

‘’Okay Daddy, what does HAK and KOTL mean?,’’Aliya asked. And when the father expressed his ignorance of the acronyms, Aliya gleefully supplied them; ‘’HAK means ‘Hugs and Kisses’ while KOTL means ‘Kiss On The Lips’.

And when she added that some students were caught on the school’s basketball court at night having ‘’53X’ (s3x), Mr Bello almost fainted. ‘’But…how do you know all these?,’’ he asked almost in consternation, to which Aliya replied: ‘’Come on Daddy, everybody knows these things.”

In his debut fictional work, Bolaji Abdullahi, who has written extensively over the years on politics, policy and development, laid bare in an absorbing page-turner, murky truths and hitherto unspeakable issues in the ever-challenging world of teenagers and young adults.

Divided into seven sections; The Letter, The Drive, Work, The Gandhi Test, Dating, Stereotype and Beauty, Sweet Sixteen’s central focus is a series of conversations between Mr Bello and her 16-year-old intelligent and precocious daughter on the ‘facts of life.’

These are topics which the book’s editor, Molara Wood, referred to on the book’s cover jacket as ‘’everything a teenage girl ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask.”

In pushing out his themes, the author finds a good ally in Aliya Bello, a teenager with a curious, fascinating and inquisitive mind and a devoted as well as a responsible father.

Mr Bello, as expected of any good father, took responsibility for the education of his daughter, including the tricky but very important aspect of s3x education.

Aliya is, therefore, fortunate to have a father who does not leave her to struggle alone with the demons that usually torment teenagers when awash in a flood of hormones and the pull of peer pressure.

The result is a compelling tale, loaded with morality and textured with a rich lyrical prose and young adult lingo…story-story, my bestie, OMG among others.

So there you have it, we wish you success in advance.

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